studio and xubuntu

Len Ovens len at
Mon Feb 25 04:27:51 UTC 2013

We chose to use xubuntu as the base for ubuntu studio to ease maintenance
issues. Hoping we could work with them to give both of us less work.
However, xubuntu has moved on in a lot of ways and while we are keeping up
with the xfce releases, we are less and less like xubuntu. A small example
is the xubuntu settings setup. They have all of their settings as part of
the settings manager. There are some other things too, but I have already
forgotten them. I don't know that this is a problem, I just thought it was
worth mentioning. Studio is based on xubuntu 11.10. Do we want to move it
back a little closer? or does that matter? Perhaps just using them as a
place to get started with xfce was enough.

Just remembered they enable gnome services by default, we don't. I would
like to know why :) Maybe it would fix some of the bits we have had
problems with.

Anyway, I have installed xubuntu on my netbook so I can see what
differences there are and if we should make changes too.

Len Ovens

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