Ubuntu-Studio-devel Digest, Vol 72, Issue 4

Joseph Ronne jfronne at gmail.com
Wed Apr 3 20:17:32 UTC 2013

Dell Dimension 9100 dual processor at 2.8 w 4g memory
working with 64b UbuntuStudio
My primary concern has been dual monitor support.. which works in 12.04.2
Installed 12.10 along side 12.04 and that works fine..
Ran new 13.10 'LIVE' over the 12.10 and it has no problem with dual monitor
Did the 'update' install... 13.10 has lost the Nvidia driver altho 304.48
is installed..?
Other than that it did retain other changes i had made to 12.10 (Cairo,
Liboffice, sysinfo...
Now if i can get it to run the Nvidia driver.....
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