[testcases] Creation of Ubuntu Studio specific testcase

Ho Wan Chan smartboyhw at gmail.com
Sun Sep 30 09:46:24 UTC 2012

Anyway I did the job so look at
includes the live session, installation, post-installation and upgrade

Please give comments and work on the post-installation testcases. If
nothing much I will import it to the ISO QA Tracker before 11th October for
RC testing.

Thanks len-dt and ailo for their comments and support:P

Howard Chan (smartboyhw)

2012/9/30 Ho Wan Chan <smartboyhw at gmail.com>

> OK my thought about it.
> There shall be two testsuites: Installation and upgrade (per regulations).
> 1. Installation
> Testcases:
> 1a. Live session (copied from the normal Ubuntu live testcase, don't need
> much) Importance: Mandatory
> 1b. Install (ubiquity) (Integrating the existing three testcases into one)
> Importance: Mandatory
> 1c. Post-installation (Copied from Wiki page) Importance: Run once
> 2. Upgrade
> Testcases:
> 2a. Upgrade testcase (copied from existing upgrade testcase in vanilla
> Ubuntu)
> 2b. Post-installation (same as 1c)
> I will work on it today evening and tonight to get a preview out of it.
> BTW you guys may not understand why on Earth are there three partitioning
> options. Actually Nicholas Skaggs (Canonical Community QA Manager) forced
> me to change it because he wanted to use the testcases that were originally
> in testcases.qa.ubutnu.com to those which are in the ISO QA Tracker. So
> er...... Anyway I will integrate the three partitioning options into one
> testcase so don't worry:P
> Regards,
> Howard Chan (smartboyhw)
> 2012/9/30 Len Ovens <len at ovenwerks.net>
>> On Sat, September 29, 2012 7:43 am, Ho Wan Chan wrote:
>> > BTW the next thing I am going to do is an upgrade testcase. If you look
>> at
>> > the ISO QA Tracker we don't actually HAVE a upgrade testcase. So I think
>> > we
>> > can make one for that:P
>> We already have too many test cases... I don't think we need to
>> differentiate different partitioning types. I don't think it matters if it
>> is a whole disk, partition resize or manual as these things are well
>> tested in vanilla and not different in any way for Studio from vanilla. If
>> they are separated for record keeping as one of three (or more) But not
>> all three tests mandatory. We just don't have the people to test these
>> things and that part of things is _no_different_ than vanilla. All that
>> matters is that there was a successful install. So if there is going to be
>> an upgrade case, (means two installs as far as I can tell, 12.04 then
>> upgrade) then some of these others need to go. Personally, for our
>> purposes we do not need to test the resize option at all and as we are
>> most likely doing it on a machine we use for other things too, the manual
>> partitioning option is the safest IMO. and should be the only test case we
>> worry about.
>> So at most we should have live, install and upgrade test cases. Whatever
>> the partitioning style used the install partition should be formated. I
>> think that was why we were using the whole disk option before. If the disk
>> is not going to be formated then it is an upgrade.
>> I've given up on using Thunar as the default FM. tumblerd seems to hang or
>> quit on mounting USB sticks and I have to kill it so I can dismount the
>> stick. Nautilus works fine.
>> --
>> Len Ovens
>> www.OvenWerks.net
>> --
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