Brainstrorming for Ubuntu Studio 13.04 (Blueprints)

Scott Lavender scottalavender at
Tue Oct 23 22:01:36 UTC 2012

On Sat, Oct 20, 2012 at 2:28 PM, Kaj Ailomaa <zequence at> wrote:
> The Ubuntu Studio dev team has decided now is a good time as any to start
> brainstorming for improvements/changes for the 13.04 release.
> Anyone is welcome to post ideas. The posts on this thread will later be
> reviewed, and assembled into a list of work items we call blueprints.
> Please post any ideas you have for improving Ubuntu Studio on this thread.
> Doesn't need to be related to the topics above, or existing blueprints.
> Some of the things that we would like to do in the future (not in any
> special order):
> * Write a comprehensive user documentation dealing with all of the various
> multimedia workflows - audio, graphics, video, photography and publishing
> (underway)
> * Write developer documentation (underway)
> * Test system tweaks that improve performance for various workflows and
> finding best ways to implement them (ongoing)
> * Develop a gui control application to adjust Ubuntu Studio system settings
> (replacement for the outdated ubuntustudio-controls)
> * Develop a workflow orientated panel
> * Improve/update Ubuntu Studio artwork
> * Research each of the workflows (audio, graphics, video, photography,
> publishing), and make sure we have a relevant list of applications included
> on the live DVD (ongoing).
> - For reference, here are the blueprints for 12.10
> / Kaj Ailomaa
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Here is my list:
* lowlatency kernel - finish coordination with UKT and start maintaining it
* multihead - improve the persistance or document how to fix it
* ubiquity plugin - allows users to choose which packages to install
during installation
* default jack settings - set reasonable, yet sane, default jack settings
* dev docs - reconcile "contribute to development" and kaj's pages
* testing documentation - create docs that walk new people into
helping with testing
* hardware testing/documentation - we should prioritize which hardware
we want to support, test it, fix it (if required and possible), and
document all. do we support firewire? usb?
* start having meetings
* backports team - start backporting to precise
* tutorial videos - identify a select few and make them and host on youtube
* tutorials/walkthroughs - can be videos, libre office, html formats.
ship on image. for important, core items.
* help/faq shipped on image - can be text file or html or whatever
* audio plugins - we ship a large amount, can this be cleaned up
* audio plugins - can we create a list of popular ones with example settings
* workflow manager - for installing/removing work flows
* workflow assistant - for starting applications within a work flow
* user docs - in the wiki or the website, we should pick one and do it
* "first start" notifications - can point out help/faq doc, tutorials,
walkthrough, etc locations or important settings
* public relations - list of places to make announcements, hashtags to
use, standard announcement verbiage, and links to various resources
like banners/other graphics
* mission statement - create one that define and documents target
audience, use cases, hardware supported

I will add these to the wiki page as well.


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