Brainstrorming for Ubuntu Studio 13.04 (Blueprints)

Ho Wan Chan smartboyhw at
Mon Oct 22 14:50:29 UTC 2012

I think of 1 thing....Anyone would like to edit the ubiquity slideshow?

Howard Chan (smartboyhw)

2012/10/21 Len Ovens <len at>

> On Sun, October 21, 2012 7:42 am, Ho Wan Chan wrote:
> > I certainly agree we can improve the Ubuntu Studio artwork since it
> really
> > doesn't look the best as it can.
> >
> > Anyway some guy in
> > #50 fired
> > off an comment on marketing. I replied to him that we don't
> > have any HR for that, but maybe his idea is good too.
> >
> > Any suggestions?
> Most of that thread is from 2009 and as such things have changed. The idea
> of loading ubuntu and adding studio to it still happens but not near as
> much. Unity tends to be a bit cumbersome for audio work. Pulse works much
> better than it did and suffers more from it's prior reputation than any
> real problems. It serves it's purpose well.
> As for marketing... this is a person who feels ubuntu should spend as much
> or more on marketing as they do on everything else. So if two people are
> working on code then 4 should be doing PR.... He points out that this is
> how all the big (dishonest IMO) companies got to be there. He did not say
> that is why those companies offer little in the way of choice. This to my
> mind, is the kind of person who would sell milk to a dairy farmer. I think
> we have something much better already.
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> Len Ovens
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