Brainstrorming for Ubuntu Studio 13.04 (Blueprints)

Kaj Ailomaa zequence at
Sat Oct 20 19:28:12 UTC 2012

The Ubuntu Studio dev team has decided now is a good time as any to start  
brainstorming for improvements/changes for the 13.04 release.
Anyone is welcome to post ideas. The posts on this thread will later be  
reviewed, and assembled into a list of work items we call blueprints.

Please post any ideas you have for improving Ubuntu Studio on this thread.  
Doesn't need to be related to the topics above, or existing blueprints.

Some of the things that we would like to do in the future (not in any  
special order):

* Write a comprehensive user documentation dealing with all of the various  
multimedia workflows - audio, graphics, video, photography and publishing  
* Write developer documentation (underway)
* Test system tweaks that improve performance for various workflows and  
finding best ways to implement them (ongoing)
* Develop a gui control application to adjust Ubuntu Studio system  
settings (replacement for the outdated ubuntustudio-controls)
* Develop a workflow orientated panel
* Improve/update Ubuntu Studio artwork
* Research each of the workflows (audio, graphics, video, photography,  
publishing), and make sure we have a relevant list of applications  
included on the live DVD (ongoing).

- For reference, here are the blueprints for 12.10

/ Kaj Ailomaa

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