upgrades 12.04 -> 12.10

Len Ovens len at ovenwerks.net
Wed Oct 17 03:49:39 UTC 2012

What do we want to do with this? (bug #1066401 for those who care) The
upgrade does what it should in effect, but the end result is not the same
as a fresh install. The big difference is that the photography meta is
only half there and the publishing meta is not there at all. We can SRU
these two metas into Desktop till after next LTS and that would fix that.
It would also install more software into the user machine they may not

We can accept the install as is (so long as the machine runs right with
what SW it does have) and include an install note that allows the user to
install those metas if they choose. We could go back to only recommending
a fresh install.

Anyway, I am doing an upgrade test. I think I will pass it if things work
after it is done (that is everything else looks ok) and we can worry about
what to do later.


Len Ovens

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