Len Ovens len at ovenwerks.net
Sun Oct 14 20:31:32 UTC 2012

The ubuntu version of LMMS seems to come with VST support including wine
(depends not recomends). We have had some of this stuff before and there
has been issues with 64bit ISO builds as I recall. In other words a 64bit
machine can load wine but the ISO still doesn't build. We had that problem
before we went to live ISO... so there would be another problem as well.
When wine loads it grabs the windows fonts which are free but licensed.
The user has to ok the license. I don't know that this would be possible
with ubiquity... Doesn't work with jackd. It may be best to leave it as
extra SW. Interesting thing is that as installed, the software center
can't see LMMS even though synaptic can. The sources have to be added
under other software -> Canonical Partners and/or Independent, before it
shows up. This may mean it is not considered to be _in_ the ubuntu repos.

Also after ISO install software center can't install software until the
update manager has been run at least once (bug reported and confirmed,
seems not to be a US problem).

Len Ovens

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