Upgrade.... not for Ubuntu Studio!

Len Ovens len at ovenwerks.net
Sat Oct 13 22:28:52 UTC 2012

A clip from IRC for those who have not seen it.

I installed 12.04.1 and then did the upgrade test on it:

<len-dt> The upgrade does not include the publishing meta. It does include
the volume applet...
<len-dt> I am not sure this is or not a bug. The upgrade process, does not
use the seeds after all.
<len-dt> It is quite reasonable that the publishing meta had not been
installed in the first place at the users choice.
<len-dt> The upgrade method still does not seem to be something that
should be recommended.
<len-dt> The photgraphy meta does not seem to have been installed either.
This is more confusing, because the apps in the old photography section
are there, but the new additions are not. So the photography meta is half

The system is still runnable, The audio things seem to work ok. I am not
sure how upgrading is done. If there a list of things to remove/add? Or
does the upgrade just look at the packaged installed and upgrade them all?
In any case, I think that because of the differences in seeds and the
metas (we have two new metas) This is not a good upgrade case unless this
can be fixed. There are some default apps for 12.04.1 that are not removed
as well, such as the xfce task manager.

Basically, all the 12.04 packages are upgraded to the 12.10 versions. But
no longer supports apps are not removed and new apps are not added. I
suspect the ubuntu part of the distro is upgraded correctly, but the
ubuntu studio part is not.

Considering the time required to upgrade, I could not suggest this to
anyone. Backing up home and reinstall is still _the_ way to go.

I personally do not know what we need to do as a team to make upgrades
work right, but it would be nice to make it work right at least for the
next LTS->LTS move.

For the current cycle though, upgrade should just be removed as a
possibility for ubuntu studio. I don't expect this to pass in time for
release.... Unless someone who knows a lot more than I knows a simple way
to make it work.

Len Ovens

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