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Sat Oct 13 10:37:39 UTC 2012

To Len:

For the 1st bug. Not sure it IS a bug since if you use the entire disk one
it should select /sda1 (aka the internal drive). You should have used
manual partitioning for installing it on second drive, and select where you
want to install the bootloader.

For the Ubuntu QA Website bug, you mean in which testcase? Specify and
maybe I will change the testcase.

For the "You can help" thing, I think the issue is: Since ailo has not
completed his developer documentation (not entirely), I think that we
should point to the mailing list for now. Let's wait for the developer docs
and put it in R. Anyway it might be too late now...

Howard Chan (smartboyhw)
2012/10/13 Len Ovens <len at>

> For those of you who missed it on IRC...
> <len-dt> Ubiquity fails on install. Bug #1066173
> <ubottu> Launchpad bug 1066173 in ubiquity (Ubuntu) "whole disk install
> puts grub in wrong place" [Undecided,New]
> <len-1210> ailo, we don't have a volume control in the systray any
> more/still.
> <len-1210> and the ability to make the window buttons expand to take up
> space seems to be gone... but the separator after can instead.
> We should maybe do that so the time/systray/workspaces don't move around
> all the time.
> <len-1210> the sub menu item for you can help is only directed at the
> -devel mailing list page and that page is not great for explaining
> anything.
> <len-1210> we should be pointing to a better web page for this I think.
> To expand, I think the mailing list is a great place for people wanting to
> help to learn more... they are less likely than with IRC to expect an
> instant response. However, I think there could be a friendlier page that
> makes them feel that yes we do want your help even in small things.
> <len-1210> anyway, I passed the live ISO and the post install, but not the
> install.  It made it so my normal boot no longer worked :P  see bug above.
> <len-dt> bug #1066214
> <ubottu> Launchpad bug 1066214 in Ubuntu QA Website "The "volume applet"
> does not exist in the systray " [Undecided,New]
> We (micahg actually) took this out because of version problems that
> stopped the ISO from building. I don't know if the problems were fixed,
> but the testing procedure says to check it... might be easier at this
> point to remove it from the test procedure :P
> <len-1210> for recording or other sound work where there is no special
> mixer for the sound card, I think QASmixer is better than the xfce alsa
> mixer.
> <len-1210> It is more configurable, can be shrunk farther while still
> being useful and nicer to look at.
> We had already decided that for desktop use pavucontrol was the best thing
> to use and I still agree. For Firewire, ICE1712 and RME cards there are
> special control apps in our mixer submenu, but for USB and other internal
> cards all there is to use is the xfce-ALSA mixer (xfce4-mixer). It's kinda
> lame, not all that easy to use and on a small screen takes a lot of
> space... qjackctl with it's connection window and logs plus the mixer
> don't fit the screen. QASmixer can shrink so it does and the controls are
> still visible/usable. Stereo pairs when linked become one control and the
> mouse wheel offers finer control too. Both capture and playback controls
> can be on screen at the same time (or not). In short QASmixer is mudita
> for normal cards. I actually find alsamixer in a terminal easier to use
> than the xfce version to be honest, but that is just my opinion :)
> Personally, I will be using 12.10 on my computers. I hope someone else at
> least is going to be running 12.04(.1 or whatever) to notice if things go
> weird.
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> Len Ovens
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