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>> Hi all.
>> In #ubuntustudio today somebody asked if we should add LMMS to it.
>> I agree we need to since it is a crucial part of the system and it  
>> takes only about 10 MB of disk space so...
>> BTW I talked to Nicholas Skaggs and the final decision was to dump the  
>> manual partitioning and auto-resize testcases and only remain >>the  
>> entire disk one along with live session and the forecoming  
>> post-installation testcases.
>> Thanks everybody
>> Regards,
>> Howard Chan (smartboyhw)
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> I think characterizing this as "a crucial part of the system" might be  
> misrepresenting LMMS as I think Ubuntu Studio is quite >functional in  
> numerous use cases.
> We should also consider how many people are asking for LMMS. If we  
> included every application asked for, we would easily oversize the >4gig  
> image. I have been worried about making everyone download extra megs  
> (oh, won't someone think of the bandwidth) because one >person said we  
> should include something.
> However, I am not opposed to including it. I just want to make sure we  
> evaluate the inclusion on it's own merits, that we are >supported a  
> complete work flow (i.e. there are no other applications needed to  
> support getting the task done), and the user demand >warrants inclusion.
> I look forward to other's input.
> ScottL

I think it's a valid addition.
I know some people prefer this kind of applications to Qtractor or Ardour.
On their homepage they make reference to LMMS being a Linux alternative to  
FL Studio. In my experience there are FL Studio people, and then there is  
the other kind.
Don't use it myself, but I definitely think it fills a workflow hole for a  
good portion of people.
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