Blueprint work items

Ho Wan Chan smartboyhw at
Mon Oct 1 14:10:46 UTC 2012

Hello all.

It is coming up to release time of 12.10 soon.

There are quite a lot of items in the blueprints (
it's sub-blueprints) that are still marked TODO or INPROGRESS. Indeed
our blueprint finishing percentage is just 38% (not good).

Kate Stewart said that we need to change those TODO or INPROGRESS working
items to POSTPONED if we clearly aren't going to make it in the q cycle.
That helps to keep the blueprint updated. I hereby ask you to do so.

Please change your own work items to the appropiate status so we can see
which ones aren't going in for the q cycle.

I thank you all for your support.

Howard Chan (smartboyhw)
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