Should Ubuntu Studio get into Wubi?

Len Ovens len at
Thu Nov 15 14:24:38 UTC 2012

On Thu, November 15, 2012 2:51 am, Ho Wan Chan wrote:
> OK let that be the vote question:P Yes the biggest problem is user
> support.
> It involves just 16 lines of code (based on the removed Xubuntu code) to
> get Studio to wubi. But do we support that ?

It is not just supporting the code base but being familiar with it in
order to help others (user support) with it.

Personally, I won't be able to. No windows computer to play with. So I
won't vote either way. If we document it (I hope we will) it may make
sense to suggest a more powerful machine CPU wise.

Len Ovens

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