pulse jack testing

Len Ovens len at ovenwerks.net
Sun Nov 4 03:32:24 UTC 2012

I am having problems with pulse and jack in 12.10 that I did not have in
12.04. I hope the new pulse has not been ported back to 12.04...

Can someone please test this and see if I have it right before I file a bug?

- login
- use audacious to listen to a file or firefox to watch a video.
- verify with pavucontrol on the playback tab that the app shows.
- stop audacious or you tube or whatever
- verify with pavucontrol that there is nolonger a playback stream.
- try to start jack.
- jack fails
- exit qjackctl (if that is what you used)
- in terminal type pulseaudio --kill
- in terminal type jack_control exit
- try to start jack again... it should.

Gaaaa, so I tried just that and it worked for me ok... maybe it needs to
be twice.

Len Ovens

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