Improving OOTB performance

Len Ovens len at
Mon May 28 00:21:14 UTC 2012

On Tue, May 22, 2012 12:31 am, óÅÒÇÅÊ äÁ×ÙÄÏ× wrote:
>> Yikes!! ulatencyd takes effect as soon as installed. Start qjackctl ok,
>> hit the start button on qjackctl... takes a long time do anything, lots
>> of
>> error messages and the a fial box comes up.... but, I find my keyboard
>> and
>> mouse are non-resposive. The computer on/off switch still brings up the
>> logoff/reboot/halt dialog though. Hard reset. Remove ulatencyd... all
>> ok.
>> There is probably some setup needed somewhere. On the other hand,
>> swappiness 0, just works.
> Whoa, sounds like a bug. Please report at

Ok, I noticed this effect on my other machine as well. Except I was trying
to run jackd with jack_control, so the problem is either with jackdbus or
dbus itself. However, as it is a ubuntu package I installed I should do
the bug report there first. I would think a dbus problem would show up in
any testing, so I would bet on it being a jackd problem.

I am finding ulatency less than obvious to set up. The man page gives
almost less than ulatencyd --help. It tells me how to override the default
config file but not where that should be. I did find it... but now to
change it in some meaningful way???

Len Ovens

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