Improving OOTB performance

Eero Tamminen oak at
Sat May 19 00:23:08 UTC 2012


On lauantai 19 toukokuu 2012, Сергей Давыдов wrote:
> Thanks for testing out my proposals!

Well, I didn't really test them, they've been fairly
extensively analyzed in MeeGo/Harmattan during last couple
of years. :-)

(Also, one of the kernel memory cgroups developers worked
for Nokia and pushed some cgroups features upstream.)

> Ulatency supports per-cgroup swappiness control, so it can set
> swappiness to zero for media apps
> (given the following kernel parameters:
> Everything else can be zramswapped out of the way of media apps
> (ubuntu has swappiness 60 by default so it *will* be zramswapped out
> of the way).
> Alternatively, it should be fairly easy to write an LD_PRELOAD
> override for malloc() that also applies memlock() to that region, but
> I'm afraid it can slow down malloc() calls so controlling swap with
> ulatencyd is preferable.

LD_PRELOAD (and LD_AUDIT) are more of debugging facilities
and doing mlock for individual mallocs doesn't sound practical.

Better idea than trying to use mlock() in malloc is e.g. using

To do targeted mlocking of specific memory process memory
mappings (e.g. process heap).

	- Eero

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