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It would be great when you are installing ubuntu studios it ask you what
kind of work you do  (art, movie, music) and it install or just suggest the
apps you will need!!!

Other  idea is have a place were people share works built and design in
ubuntu studio this will good to motive people to used ubuntu studio


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El 15/05/2012, a las 02:26 p.m., Scott Lavender <scottalavender at>

hello everyone,

it is time to develop the blueprints[0] for what we plan to accomplish with
ubuntu studio for the quantal cycle. therefore, i would like solicit
suggestions for what we might do.  these suggestions can be categorical
(i.e. we need to improve "out-of-the-box" experience"), specific work
items(i.e. we need to fix the distro image presented during the partman
installation), or both. i will also present a list of topics and related
work items.

also, a blueprint can be somewhat open ended. for example, in the case of
"improving the out-of-the-box experience" we might only research the
various means we might accomplish this task and make a decision which
method to be used this cycle.  the actual implementation might be delayed
until next cycle. this is just an example, but i would like us to be
reasonable about what we can accomplish.

the general process is that we will need to develop categorical topics with
associated work items required.  these will be written up as blueprints,
which will then be submitted to the release manager and hopefully
approved. the precise release planning blueprint[1] may be reviewed as an
example. click on an oval in the bottom of the screen to see that
particular blueprint.

i am very happy to handle the minutiae required to create and format the

please understand that the amount of work we can accomplish is directly
related to the number of those who commit to help. therefore, if many
people submit work items but do not commit then it is probable that these
items will be accomplished. therefore, after the topics/work items are
aggregated we will also evaluate how much we can reasonable accomplish in
this cycle.

i would like to complete the blueprints and submit them to the release
manager this coming monday, may 21st.  i apologize for the short notice.

lastly, we have the latitude to define the scope of our goals. please view
these blueprints as a tool to help us organize our goals and track our
progress. not every work item accomplished this cycle needs to be in a
blueprint, but be reasonable in what we expect to accomplish while not
worrying about how others view our blueprints.

my suggestions follow:

theme and artwork
 * better lightdm greeter theme
 * add user submitted "old" them that was ported to gtk3
 * add user wallpaper to wallpaper package
 * check licensing / authors on all shipped art work and make sure they are
properly documented
 * aggregate all available artwork, logos, banners, etc in
ubuntustudio-resources branch in launchpad
 * adjust "raise on focus" settings (let's you scroll a window without
raising it below the active window)
 * update terminal settings per xubuntu
 * change system font?  ubuntu or ubuntu-mono?  keep droid sans?
 * verify need for logo icons in -default-settings package (LP: 980060)
 * logo should be generated from source at build time for -default-settings
(LP: 980059)
 * explore making the bottom panel icons smaller
 * do we want more/other icons in the bottom panel?

live dvd
 * fix installation cd-image name
 * fix partman icon in ubiquity
 * update mixer plugin backedn for pulse-jack (astraljava might have
already done this in precise)
 * fix scroll bars in ubiquity slide show

user documentation
 * determine where we should host the documentation ( or new
 * new user documentation for intro to/explanation of ubuntu studio
 * new user documentation for installation
 * new user documentation for setting up/tweaking
 * new user documentation for normal desktop usage (play media, copy discs,
internet, whatever)
 * new user documentation for using ubuntu studio based on work flows
 * new user documentation for getting help (irc, mailing list, website,
voodo, black magic, bribery)
 * new user documentation for matrix of hardware with performances provided
by users

testing documentation
 * overview to explain reasons for testing, expected goals, daily vs.
milestone testing
 * develop list of studio specific items to check (i.e. does jack start, is
performance regressed, does blender start)
 * provide information/links to/explain how to report a bug
 * document qa iso website and location of images
 * tips how to download images (i.e. zsync perferred, not ftp via browswer)
and how to burn (i.e. to flash drive)
 * when to report a bug in the qa iso tracker
 * reporting test results in qa iso tracker (both for dailies and milestone)

developer documentation
 * document any automation or scripts current team uses (i.e. to download
iso and burn to flash drive)
 * explore, test, and document using ubuntu-qa-tools to automate image
testing in vm (it's *bloody* cool!)
 * location of our images in qa iso tracker
 * tips for checking logs and processes during install testing

 * implement and test ubiquity plugin for users choosing which work flow to
install during installation
 * update work flow documentation and parse them into "installed" and
"supported" (i.e. the ones that ARE installed and which you could install
 * review and refine existing work flows (audio, video, graphical, and
 * explore new work flows and implement if possible (e.g. ebook authoring)

bug reports and backports
 * create bug team in launchpad
 * subscribe team to various bug reports
 * email devel mailing list to notify of change in bug mail lists
 * create backports team in launchpad (is this necessary? ask micahg or
 * start backporting for 12.04 LTS - we WILL support 12.04 with backports!
 * explore nominating an liaison to work closely with backports team

 * color - consider replacing argyl with another application (ttoine wanted
 * color - explore what vanilla ubuntu is using because gui is nice (ttoine
 * color - gui would be nice for users (ttoine again)
 * color - explore making a package for adobe icc (yep, i guessed
 * seeds - verify that unwatned process daemons are not running in
background (e.g. ubuntu one, bluetooth)
 * seeds - add alacarte to seeds for user menu editing
 * seeds - add clip art package (open clip art) ?
 * menu - move mixer applications from media playback menu to audio menu

user improvements
 * install #ubuntustudio channel by default for xchat
 * add bookmarks to firefox (forums,,,
youtube studio channel?, mailing lists)
 * add "contribute to ubuntu studio" bookmark?
 * add release notes package to be included in menu
 * add support/help menu to include release notes, links to forums, link to, #ubuntustudio on irc via webchat)
 * update help menu documentation (yelp?) for basic desktop usage, setting
up jack via qjackctl, basic signal routing to ardour, recording audio in
ardour, other basic concepts, what is ubuntu studio ?
 * can a new user package be developed that might help new users by setting
up a few things:
    * default jack settings
    * content project directories under /home for a/v/g/p (e.g.
    * restricted extras
    * sane, default ardour templates
    * sane, default qjackctl patchbay templates
 * add backports repo
 * explore if there are ways to help experienced users install "ubuntu
studio" from vanilla ubuntu

 * explore how to improve OOTB performance
 * maybe implement these
 * explore if profiles or modes might be useful to users (i.e. "audio
profile" or "record mode") which might:
   * pause/stop pulse
   * pause/stop network manager
   * change menu structure
   * add/change window dock
   * whatever might make it easier for users to perform a particular type
of workflow
 * new studio controls per OOTB improvement suggestions and/or profile-mode
 * new studio controls to help experienced users install "ubuntu studio"
from vanilla ubuntu


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