State of Jack as a full pulsaudio replacement

Len Ovens len at
Sat May 5 20:32:22 UTC 2012

On Sat, May 5, 2012 3:39 am, Kaj Ailomaa wrote:

> I think the main problem is not pulseaudio itself anymore. It would be
> nice to have a simple way to turn it off. I think it's more about
> desktop control than the server itself that is the issue these days.

I have found that turning pulse off is not needed. Pulse is quite happy to
sit doing nothing taking up minimal resources if the PA-jack bridge module
is unloaded. If PA is not bridged to jack then it is not forced to run at
whatever latency jack is running at.

PA-jack problem two, more than one audio card. Turn off the card not being
used in pulse... makes a big difference with things like stuttering.

There is no perfect solution yet. (maybe never) But just as in a hardware
studio where patches have to be changed depending on use... care needs to
be taken to set up jack and pulse in the virtual studio too. It's not
auto, but this is a good thing, it allows me to get around problems that
an auto mode might not.

Pulse is what lots of apps are set up for. It is easier to change the
routing on one piece of SW (pulse) than to reconfigure every pulse client
to hit jack. It is a lot less work to just ship the same multimedia as
other ubuntu distros. I don't like PA much either, but I use it anyway. I
just have to be a little more aware of how it works than the average
desktop user. As someone interesting in a low latency kernel, I've already
taken one step in that direction and shown an interest in learning more.

US is for those who have a desire to get more out of their equipment than
the average desktop user, if it is tuning the audio/midi setup or
calibrating a monitor. Time for more documentation. It looks like we need
a page just on setting up sound..

Len Ovens

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