graphic-photography softwares

breek ricman at
Thu Mar 1 01:33:59 UTC 2012

as said on the website, US is aimed to "audio, video and graphic enthusiast as
well as professional".
anyway on graphic/photography side i think it could be improved (ok, that's my
opinion :)).

for example US lacks a monitor calibration tool, that means argyll cms (better
with this great gui that is not in the repository
but IMHO is the key to make argyll accessible).

editing of raw "images" can be done with darktable but it's really really far
from the tools provided by rawtherapee 4 (that even if it's not officially
released as stable, the developers themselves say it's stable enough for daily
use); in the repos there is the outdated version 3.

ristretto is good for general user and quick view of some images and US provide
shotwell for photographers; well, i don't agree with this choice as shotwell
doesn't support color management and it's not feature complete as digikam (in
the repo).

this is based on my experience on this softwares in everyday use and i think at
least this changes are important to make US good out-of-the-box for
graphics/photographers as well.

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