Ralf Mardorf ralf.mardorf at
Sun Jul 29 09:41:27 UTC 2012

Hi :)

today I started testing making scalable icons. For the iPad 2 I
installed the gratis app neu.Draw.
It does work, when I e.g. draw a circle with outline (stroke) and a
gradient fill using neu.Draw, safe it as a SVG and then open it with
Inkscape on my Linux PC to continue the work.

Scaling the circle as it is, does work and it's possible to edit the
existing stroke and fill, there's no need to make a new fill.

Let's say I've got two identically circles and I want to edit stroke and
fill of both circles. Is it possible to link both circles, so that
editing one fill, will edit the fill of the other circle in the same
way? I also guess that if this should be possible, it would reduce data,
not only work.

If it shouldn't be possible, I would draw all outlines in the same color
and do no fills during work, but do different outline colors and fills
at the end of the work.

Until now I didn't test what happens if I safe a SVG with Inkscape and
after that continue work with neu.Draw.

neu.Draw formats are
        JPG Image
        PNG Image
        PDF (Vector) File
        SVG File

The Inkscape version of Ubuntu Studio Precise supports different sorts
of SVG files and PDF. What is the most "common" SVG format? For sharing
the files with other software, would there be any benefit when using PDF

What kind of CC license or other license is needed, that Linux distros
can use artwork?


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