Another idea for comments

Len Ovens len at
Sat Jul 28 19:19:13 UTC 2012

I have another idea for comments  :)

As anyone can tell UbuntuStudio is more audio oriented than any of the
other areas we support. With the live DVD we have lost the ability for a
user to not install workflows/metas they don't want. As I have found out
those metas can be uninstalled after the fact either... well the meta can
but the depends stay in the system. So whatever we have on the live DVD
goes into the install and is hard to remove after the fact (it has to be
done manually and it is easy to remove a package that is depended on by
something we wish to keep).

In the STRUCTURE file in our seeds there are two sets of things we could
change. I don't know if this would have the effect I expect or not...
maybe someone can tell me :)  There are three lines: ship, dvd-live and
dvd. The dvd-live meta is everything we want to see on the live session.
At install time ubiquity looks at dvd and only copies what is there or
removes files after install (like itself for example). So it may be
possible to have a live dvd with all metas on it, but have ubiquity just
install the basic desktop. While installing ubiquity downloads new
versions of software, perhaps at that time the metas could be downloaded
from the dvd depending on which is selected by the installer (the person
installing not the SW :) ).
Then also have an extra install item on the main menu with just our metas
in it.

Len Ovens

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