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I still use a modified version  of the old Hardy-era icons, maintain them myself locally. Back in 2008, when I ran Ubuntustudio Hardy on an old 500MHZ Athlon audio editor/web machine, I used XFCE to speed up Firefox, etc and the original Ubuntustudio theme and icons all worked fine in that era's version of XFCE-looked just like they did in GNOME 2, in fact. Desktop looked a little different due to the differnet layouts of XFCE, that was it. There was one bugfix I also implemented: Reducing the file size of the .SVG icon for mp3 files, as otherwise some of my very large audio directories were very slow to load in Audacity's file browser.

I have added icons as needed to support newer DE environments, the modded versions work fine in GNOME 3, in Unity, in Icewm(my favorite light environment), I am pretty sure I ran them when I did a test install of the current XCFE environment. They even work in a lot of KDE applications. If anyone wants old-style Ubutustudio icons that work in today's distros, I've got them, just give me a place to upload them for you.

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> We have a package called ubuntustudio-icon-theme, but we don't use it.
> Instead we use xubuntu-icon-theme. Any of our own icons currently reside
> in ubuntustudio-default-settings and end up in /usr/share/pixmaps on the
> install. This has been fine as we have had only a few icons to deal
> with... but it is not the right way really. As per blueprint item:
> [ubuntustudio-dev] All icons for ubuntuStudio submenus should be New
> Ubuntu studio icons in case the ones we are using from xfce vanish: TODO
> Some of the icons we use for our *.directory files also come from
> applications which may go away leaving broken stuff, so we need our own
> icons for any of our own *.directory files.
> We should probably replace xubuntu-icon-theme with
> ubuntustudio-icon-theme, even if the studio version depends on the xubuntu
> version at least for now. Our own icons should then end up in -icon-theme
> rather than -settings. And they should end up in
> /usr/share/icons/ubuntustudio/
> Right now ubuntustudio-icon-theme has no installable files, it just
> depends on elementary-icon-theme. I would therefore suggest that the
> depends be changed to xubuntu-icon-theme and the desktop meta be changed
> to reflect this. This should not change anything on the install, but
> should be tested to make sure things still work.
> Next the ubuntustudio directory should be added to /usr/share/icons with a
> file that depends on elementaryXubuntu and the default icon theme change
> to ubuntustudio... test for breakage.
> Then we can start migrating icons to this package.
> Does anyone see a problem with this? Are there many icons in
> elementaryXubuntu? Should we just add those few to our own directory and
> bypass depending on xubuntu-icon-theme?
> Comments please.
> Note: there will be some icons being developed. for now they will end up
> in the settings package as install to the pixmaps directory.
> -- 
> Len Ovens
> www.OvenWerks.net
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