Scaling governor controls

Len Ovens len at
Wed Jul 18 06:10:26 UTC 2012

On Tue, July 17, 2012 7:09 pm, Luke Kuhn wrote:
> This is REALLY crucial for some CPU intensive operations. That I know from
> experience includes video editing on newer desktops, and might include
> multitrack sound recording on netbooks and small laptops that a newsman or
> musician might take to a site or a gig. Games on open source video drivers
> also benefit from this, BTW.

Thankyou for the input. I was begining to think I was the only person who
noticed any difference.

> When I render videos using Kdenlive, I always set the governor to high, It
> makes a substantial difference in render time, apparently because of
> transient loads that pass before the governor can respond but collectively
> add up to a lot. Just as important to turn it down the rest of the time,
> especially using overclocked AMD FX 8120!

Ok, that is good to know too. There was a thought that some of these
tweaks would get triggered by jackd starting. I can see that may not work
in this case. I also have an app that sits in the tray and with a click
and selection can change a set of tweaks for up to four modes of operation
or normal and three more. I was thinking normal, audio, video and
graphics... that is what icons I have made anyway. I use it on my netbook
to set scaling, turn off cron and friends, unload a kernel module that
messes things up and turn off pulse->jack bridging. What is still needed
is a GUI config app so the user can tune what gets turned off or on for
each mode.

As Tim Henderson says in his message there is a xfce utility that could
help. However, my thought is that there are enough other things a user may
need to tweak for audio or video work, that one app that does all at once
would be a lot handier.

My app, BTW just triggers a runlevel switch for rl 2-5 (runlevels 3 to 5
seem to have fallen to disuse any more) and then uses 4 upstart scripts
(init scripts could be used too, but as ubuntu is moving away from that, I
chose upstart) to set things on entering and exiting that runlevel.

Just a quick note: on any ubuntu system don't try setting the system to
"performance" before 60 seconds after login. Ondemand gets set at that
point as I learned the hard way...

Len Ovens

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