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Tue Jul 17 08:53:10 UTC 2012

Tweaking fs.inotify.max_user_watches is not supposed to affect performance
in any way. If it does, it's a bug.

Noatime mounts are not supposed to affect write performance at all. It will
only affect read performance of lots of small files. Ubuntu defaults to
relatime (not to be confused with realtime), with an added tweak of
updating it at most once a day.
Setting it on root partition sounds weird, though - it may break some
ancient stuff like mutt or rarely-used stuff like /tmp reapers. I believe
it can be enabled for some partitions (e.g. root partition) in fstab via
patched Ubiquity. It might be possible to enable noatime on udev-controlled
disks using some custom rules, but I have not investigated that. The only
way to make the kernel default to noatime on any mounts is a (fairly
simple) kernel patch, see
If you figure out anything for noatime by default, please let me know
because elementary is also interested in using it (and as far as I can
tell, we're going to use the kernel patch).

Ulatencyd will get background processes out of the way (cronjobs, etc) and
probably make giving realtime permissions to processes like jackd easier,
though I'm not sure how it's done in US now. Maybe those two rt-permission
mechanisms conflict with each other?

Swappiness was already discussed at length; regarding implementation,
you'll have to either find a way to tweak the OOTB /etc/sysctl.conf, or
patch the kernel with a new default.

Sergey "Shnatsel" Davidoff
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