Minimizing My Involvement for Quantal Development

Scott Lavender scottalavender at
Mon Jul 9 16:22:18 UTC 2012

Hello Everyone,

During the remainder of the Quantal development cycle (and possibly
slightly longer) I will be minimizing my involvement in Ubuntu Studio. This
is mainly due to work demanding more of my time but also because of the
opportunity to pursue several creative projects.

I will continue to help development per the blueprints [0], but will not
have the time to actively give oversight and perform the day-to-day
activities as I have previously.

However, others can help and I will explain how.

It is helpful for someone to track blueprint progress. Tracking is
simplified by using page for Ubuntu Studio [1].

This page provides an easy visual way to gauge the overall progress of the
blueprints and also for each specific blueprint.

Additionally, more detailed information is included below parsing
information by task and by person.

An email needs to be sent each week to the release team mailing list [2]
describing what occured during the week. A template [3] is available to
structure the email. Generally, the email is to be sent on Thursday before
14:00 CST to allow time for others to read the email and prepare (if
required) for the meeting.

Meeting are conducted in IRC on Fridays and full information can be find on
the website [3]. Someone should plan to attend, even if only as a liason
and only somewhat briefed on details.

The general purpose of the meetings is to ensure that information is
flowing between groups to prevent problems and to help resolve issues. Our
emails should be judicious to share only important or pertinent
information. For example, I believe it is worth noting that we are updating
the pages but not to list all pages touched.

While daily testing (which might not really be daily) is important, it is
the milestone testing that is critical.

Someone should take the lead to make sure that each required test case is
completed for the milestone testing [4]. I would suggest that whoever is
leading this should subscribe to the test cases to receive notification
emails for new, available tests.

We have neglected these lately, but team meetings would probably be useful,
especially if multiple people are helping to lead Ubuntu Studio. Meeting
information can be found on the wiki [5]. Reminder emails the day or so
before the meeting are exceedingly helpful.

Lastly, just to be clear: I am not leaving or abandoning Ubuntu Studio, I
am committed through the next LTS.

A follow-up email regarding my thoughts on future releases and proprosed
features will be sent shortly as well.


[2] ubuntu-release at
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