Application changes for Ubuntu Studio

Len Ovens len at
Fri Jul 6 22:39:05 UTC 2012

Your votes please:

I wish to include qmidiroute: This is a gui that allows splitting midi
streams by note, channel, controller, program or velocity. This allows
splitting a keyboard, or moving the drum track to a more appropriate
channel (older Yamaha instruments use a non-standard channel for one) This
seems to be the only utility in the repo that is gui with this
functionality. Zonage from kxstudio also works fine, but is not in repo
(yet?) I have had one user ask where this functionality might be found and
would find it useful for my own workflow as well. (my 25 year old DX7
thinks all output should be channel 1, but I like the keyboard's feel)

I would also like to remove the xfce task manager and replace it with the
gnome system monitor. The system monitor gives correct memory usage...
shows application memory usage without shared memory... so that every
jackd application doesn't look like it uses 100M more than it does. It
also has a nicer graphic representation of some other system uses too. It
does not require adding any new depends to the ISO, it just brings itself.
(perhaps nautilus already got anything it needs) I feel this would be a
better tool for trouble shooting the workflows we deal with.

Comments please.

Len Ovens

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