Len Ovens len at ovenwerks.net
Thu Jul 5 07:07:47 UTC 2012

I think you were working on this last. Sorry for asking on the list, but I
don't catch you on the IRC much. There is something broken between
ubuntustudio-look, ubuntustudio-wallpapers and

I can't find ubuntustudio-wallpapers as a bzr branch at all, but
ubuntustudio-look "recommends" it and synaptic shows it installed... but
the files synaptic shows installed for -wallpapers are also included in
-look ???

The bzr branch for plymouth-theme- seems to be empty but that is also
recommended by -look. synaptic also shows plymouth-themes- installed and
the installed files for that are also in the -look package.

I think the idea was to make one package out of three (or more) in which
case the recommends should be changed to replaces/conflicts. If this is
the case Let me know and I will fix it.

Len Ovens

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