ubuntu studio 12.04 alpha 2 testing

Len Ovens len at ovenwerks.net
Fri Jan 27 20:58:04 UTC 2012

On Thu, January 26, 2012 8:50 pm, Scott Lavender wrote:
> hello everyone,
> i'm extremely happy to report that we will be asking for testing on
> the ubuntu studio 12.04 alpha 2 image that should be release february
> 2nd.  what i would like to solicit from the group right now are items
> that we should be testing for A2.
> i can think of the following items currently:
>  * live-dvd testing
>  * live user rt permissions
>  * pulseaudio <-> jack integration
>  * user feedback on theme / ui / default settings
>  * user feedback on "common" desktop application choices (e.g. text
> editor, image viewer, music player, video player)
> i'm sure that i am forgetting some things, so please help make the a2
> testing better.

At boot, there is an install option which if I remember correctly does an
alt install. That should be tested to see that it works and that it
provides the same end result as the live install. ( I can test that now
even or I can wait.)

Encrypted drive/partition and encrypted directory should be tested. As
there have been requests for that.

Saving settings when not installing should be tested. (USB stick with loop

This is not important, but I would like to try a full install onto an 8G
usb stick (I don't have a 16).

Test that all work flows on the WF web page actually can be done.

Speaking of which, are all the applications for work flows installed yet?
It seems audacity has not shown up yet for example.

Len Ovens

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