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Mon Jan 23 02:53:02 UTC 2012

This is copied from the irc...

<len_> astraljava: ScottL: Installed mudita24 1.0.4 and tried it out.
<len_> I tried it side by side with envy24control.
<len_> 1st note: envy24control has the same problem a gcdmaster
<len_>  It's old and I got this...
<len_> Gtk-WARNING **: GtkSpinButton: setting an adjustment with non-zero
page size is deprecated
<len_> mudita24 1.0.4 has less bugs than 1.0.3 (slider sizes for example)
<len_> Any control I move in mudita24 moves the same control in envy24control
<len_> So they seem to point at the same stuff.
<len_> The big difference I see is that mudita24 only uses -48db to 0db in
the monitor section
<len_> but envy24control uses more (60 db?) I don't know how much more as
envy24 doesn't give db.
<len_> So when the monitor control is moved from off to -48 on mudita24
(one step) envy24 shows a huge jump.
<len_> this is true of both 1.* versions and I don't think it is a bug
<len_> I think it was done on purpose (may have read that somewhere) to
make the best use of the control length.
<len_> Remember this is monitoring only. The adc and dac control go full
<len_> I will file a bug against mudita24 in ubuntu for the missing
desktop file.

Len Ovens

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