Panel questions

Len Ovens len at
Wed Feb 22 06:15:07 UTC 2012

Ok, as promised I have started looking at the panels. I am not worrying
about the main menu icon right now. I have replaced the clock with
Orage... there is no change to how this looks, it looks like the same
clock as before. But if you click on it you get a calendar. I think you
can do some scheduling with it too. I have changed the number of desktops
to 4 instead of 2. I am using 3 right now and I'm not working hard. Thats
it for the top panel, I left the rest.

panel 2 on the bottom... is now in the middle of the left side. From what
I have heard on our irc and on this list, that is where most people put it
anyway. Most new screens have gotten wider but not taller, so that is
where the extra room is.

This second panel come with "autohide" on, I prefer off... what do others
think? I like to see where I am aiming, but I will set it the way people

I set it for smaller icons (same size as the top panel) It came bigger, I
don't care that much... I do have a small screen though.

As this panel was imported from xubuntu it had icons for apps they ship
but we don't like abiword. I removed any blanks. This left from the top
(used to be left)
 - minimize all
 - separator
 - default browser
 - terminal
 - settings control
 - application finder
 - gimp
 - separator
 - folder menu
 - trash

Under gimp I have added qjackctl already.

Just some thoughts I had... things not to include, anything that is
normally opened by right click on a file. in my view this would include
things like gimp, a text editor etc. It would be nice to include template
files where appropriate. Also anything that is not used much... like the
settings button and app finder above.

Things to include.. anything that gets used almost every time you sit down
or every time a task is preformed:
  terminal (I happen to use it enough it is a pain to get it from the bottom
             of the accessories menu)
  qjackctl gets used for every audio task.
           (qjackctl needs to be set up to start a2jmidid after jack runs)
  I would love to add the card specific mixer here...
  Workflow menus... I will try this next...
           (just thinking about this... there are a whole lot of
             audio workflows, I don't know that it makes sense to
             try to menu them all. I think they need to be mixed)

Anyone who has ideas for workflow menus can post them here. Just because
there are only three apps in video... i will try that first.

Ok, I can make menus. There does not seem to be a way of setting a
menuname, but rather the first app in the menu provides the icon and does
not appear in the menu itself. Clicking on the icon gets it. Taking that
icon and having it open a short tutorial on using that set of applications
is one idea.

Note: I am doing this on my own at my own request. The broken panel was
bugging me. Any changes I make are just ideas that may or may not be used.

Len Ovens

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