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Ralf Mardorf ralf.mardorf at
Wed Dec 19 20:09:45 UTC 2012

On Wed, 2012-12-19 at 13:38 -0500, lukefromdc at wrote:
> I think all the mainline distros are going to have do decide if they
> are for desktops or tablets

Upstream already decided what's the new policy for Linux desktop
environments, beyond that for Ubuntu Mr. Shuttleworth act exactly as I
always have predicted.

If we don't want the most evil commercialization, than we simply can
stay away from Ubuntu, if we want back the KISS approach, than we need
to switch to another *NIX.

Debian already has got FreeBSD ports. Debian isn't GNU/Linux any more,
it still does provide GNU/Linux and Linux still is the most important
for Debian, but the name "Debian" already is for Linux and BSD.

What you consider as "tablet PC" environment is meant for desktop PCs
too. This kind of environment even isn't useful for a tablet PC. It's
simply for consumption only.

Linux still will be usable for servers, since those usually are
headless, apart from that it will become a toy and shopping trolley.

Production is out of style. We don't need tools to consume.

I'm aware that e.g. FreeBSD isn't a real-time OS, that it does import
Linux software and has to fight similar issues, but I'm anyway testing
FreeBSD at the moment. I'm still working on my Ubuntu, IOW I replace
borked packages, when ever possible, since the new policy of Linux isn't
the only problem, several Linux distros ship with borked packages, but
at the moment Ubuntu is the most worse on my machine. Fortunately there
are third party sources, so it's not needed to build everything that is
borked ourself, OTOH I don't like, that I e.g. have to use the Oracle
packages to get a working VBox.

I want to be able to use all my old data with new Linux versions, to
what ever distro I switch. This has becoming harder and harder and for
some data it has become impossible.

When you are subscribed to several lists, you'll notice that many long
time Linux users are pissed.

Private I never used something else for the PC. I only run Linux, since
around 10 years. Before that I used the Atari ST and bevor that the C64.

Be aware that many people just play around, even with production
environments. They once test if something does work, but when it gets
broken, they never ever will notice it.


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