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Len Ovens len at ovenwerks.net
Sat Dec 15 21:29:12 UTC 2012

On Sat, December 15, 2012 12:02 pm, Ralf Mardorf wrote:

> I respect your work, don't get me wrong. However, I experienced that the
> view became more important and that the workflow to use the menu, became
> more important, than applications that work without bugs, than
> applications that keep the old workflow, than applications that are
> compatible to older versions.

There is work on both, But because it is part time and some of us (me for
example) don't have great coding knowledge, we only can do what we can.
(no offence taken by the way) We find it pretty frustrating too. But we
are locked in what we can do. We have two problems in general Debian and
Ubuntu and I might note that those two things are really big pluses too.
One of the problems we face in audio is that the apps are debug enabled
which adds extra code, cpu use etc. Thats the way debian does things.

In my case I am replacing icons that are borrowed from places they
shouldn't be. I am not trying to make them fancy, but functional. I am not
a great artist, but no one else is taking on the task, so I am doing it.
The most important thing to me is setting up a good framework that is easy
to understand so that when people who are artists come up with better
icons, it is easy to replace what is there.

> The MIDI and the video icon are real icons, because it's absolutely
> clear what they are for and that's second most important. The other
> icons are unclear.

Thankyou for the feed back. I thought the photography icon was pretty
clear too. (if not too pretty)

> If you customize Ubuntu desktops for Ubuntu Studio, for me it's
> important, that I still can use what ever software I want. No doubt
> about it, Ubuntu/Xubuntu Quantal already is borked, but Ubuntu Studio
> Quantal is completely unusable on my machine as soon as I install some
> additional software to use it with old data.
> Please don't make everything flashy, but incompatible with old data. I
> use Linux since 10 years. Other might use Linux for the first time, so
> everything still might be ok for them, but they once will use Linux for
> several years too and then they perhaps like to use old data too.

There is a problem, do we keep ardour 2.* forever? Or do we ship ardour
3.* when it comes out? Two very different session formats and A3 is not
guaranteed to be able to read or import A2 sessions. ardour 3 has a lot of
very useful new features. How many other applications are the same? Most
of us that care about these things just buy a new hard drive and keep the
old drive complete with sessions set aside. With the old drive mounted it
is possible to try moving old sessions and work forward to the new setup,
but if they don't, all is not lost either. I still use an older release
just for GCDMaster, because there is nothing that replaces it. We do have
a project to make it work with current libraries, but quite honestly it
has not really moved. Ardour's cue/toc file creator is (from what I have
tried) not really as flexable... certainly not to use in a non-destructive
way. What I have tried to do with it, I have had to hand edit to get what
I want.

> I know that most issues are caused by upstream, but I hope the community
> wouldn't take that much care about the flashy view, but more about
> functionality.

While it is easy to say it is all upstream... and that is true. It is also
helpful to understand that we are mostly just putting together a set of
packages as we find them. We are distro compilers. We don't have the
talent or the time to maintain software. We can only let people know what
doesn't work. I don't think we are going for flashy though. We want the
new user to be able to easily figure out how to use the applications we
have. We want the audio infrastructure to work well and to make it
possible for the user to adjust system settings without having to edit
system files.

Are we winning? Sometimes it feels that Linux/debian/ubuntu are making
things hard for us faster than we can fix them. Audio (especially low
latency) is at odds with the generally server mindset of the linux kernel
team for example. Servers like lots of "throughput" and one of the tricks
to get that is large size packets which is the same thing as saying high

> A lot of software still is broken for the current release, but the icons
> for the next release are already on the way.

I work on what I can, it all needs to be done, this is what I can do.
Hopefully if I do this it will give someone else time to work on more
important things.

> On Sat, 2012-12-15 at 10:29 -0800, Len Ovens wrote:
>> SM58
> That's what I once started and never will be finished. IMO the easiest
> kind of mic when doing it as vector graphics.

The SM58 is the standard stage mic. I think most people would be using our
software for recording... and would like something that visually says so.

> The Kermit pill is another easy to draw classic:
> http://images1.wikia.nocookie.net/__cb20110911113011/muppet/images/thumb/a/a9/Reporter_Kermit_1.png/440px-Reporter_Kermit_1.png

I like this one. Having at the angle would probably be good. I'll try
later when I have time.


Len Ovens

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