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I was under the impression you were referring to switching PLAYBACK from multiple source files, not from multiple running cameras. Kdenlive can take input from one  camera, no idea if it can do multiple cameras, as I've only used that feature for a webcam. I don't own pro cameras, only the $300 kind, as all my activist work is posted under strict no-monetization principles for ethical reasons.

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> By live switching I mean having two or more
> video streams coming in direct from cameras for example and being able to
> see both streams at the same time as well as the result of the switching
> (that is at least three live views)... probably four to include at least
> one stream from the local drive. The resultant video is then output as
> video that can be broadcast at the same time the incoming video is being
> made. Bonus if the audio can be mixed on the same machine. or at least
> added to the stream. Anything less is editing/VJing.
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