PulseAudio -> JACK connection in Oneiric

Marc R.J. Brevoort mrjb at dnd.utwente.nl
Wed Sep 28 19:42:51 UTC 2011

On Wed, 28 Sep 2011, David Henningsson wrote:

> I gave the PulseAudio/JACK integration a quick check in Ubuntu 11.10, 
> basically I started banshee playing through PulseAudio, and wanted it to play 
> to JACK.

It would be great if that could be made to work by default. I can see the
point of suspending pulseaudio before starting JACK, but ideally they 
should play nice with each other. From an end user perspective I'd like to 
be able to route all (pulse)audio output of a browser or any other 
application through jack. This also shows another difficulty though- as a 
browser opens and closes pulseaudio streams, jack connections would be 
dropped and will have to be re-setup.

In my wildest dreams I'd like an out-of-the-box setup where audio 
both "just works" and at the same time needs to tedious reconfiguring for 
studio work.

And a Lamborghini too, please.


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