two fixes... if they are not already done.

Len Ovens len at
Tue Oct 11 03:25:49 UTC 2011

Downloaded and installed (whole disk) the image from Oct 9. I see there
has been a new one put out today while I was testing... but these things
may still be helpful. I will download the new one (actually it is
downloading now).

I hear the jackd problems have been solved since then so no comment on
that... except I was not able to test any audio apps.

I did start everything else on the menu and they all did. libreoffice
installs and runs easy enough too. (I understand it being too big to want
to include it in the distro, but I expect most people will install that as
one of the first things they do. I am sure I could come up with a script
(bash) and a *.desktop file so that with one click it can be downloaded...
removing the desktop file and itself when finished.

My current release of UStudio has TiMidity running by default... not sure
if I did that or what, but the new one does not. Good! my machine is not
new (dual core, 2.4Ghz or so) I would rather generate most of my sound off
board as I find it takes too much cpu. I have enough synths for most

->multimedia -> AT1? not sure what it is, but it doesn't seem to start

->multimedia -> mixer - comes up with no controls showing for either of my
sound cards. This may be confusing for a newby.

->multimedia -> Parole - won't play AVIs... what else is one going to use
it for? Not many oggs out there. Most video players when hit with
something they can't play at least tell you what they need and lots will
search out a source for it too (Xine for example).

-> system -> Giglo - only seems able to mount the same drives as thunar...
Why bother? Would be nice if it would do sftp files. Seems that other
people use it to, so wonder whats missing.

Small menu/panel on the bottom has a file-drawer icon that starts a file
manager... but it is not preconfigured to any app, all the others are. It
seems redundant anyway as the filefolder icon on the end does the same and
more. Also, when using the ubuntustudio styles the icon is the same
anyway... so I would just remove it.

Speaking of ubuntustudio styles... they should be preselected over
xubuntu. and the Ustudio icon should be used for the start menu. Not sure
how to do that... I will work on that next.

In my opinion there should at least be a text editor for text and config
file viewing/changing etc. Please find attached a file called nano.desktop
which should be put in the /usr/share/applications/ directory. I don't
know how to change which ever package it should go in though. This
basically allows a right click on a file to be edited with nano in a
terminal with some mouse input (like put cursor here or mark this text)
This desktop file puts it in the accessories part on the main menu... no
extra packages needed. (try it on whatever you are working on to see what
I mean)

After reading some of the irc logs it seems that there is a file to be
used at login time... just a matter of doing it. The attached file
lightdm-gtk-greeter-ubuntu.conf	should be put in /etc/lightdm/ ... I am
not sure of "the way things are done" on this... if the file should be
changed to lightdm-gtk-greeter-ubuntustudio.conf and the link that points
at it changed to match or if using that name is ok. The file that links to
it is /etc/alternatives/lightdm-gtk-greeter-config-derivative.

Next install, I will stick to testing MM apps... as these are the ones
that are unique to this distro. I can't promise more than making sure they
startup ok. I am willing to try copying my current version onto this disk
and trying an up grade if that would help.


Len Ovens
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