new iso image broken for audio.

Len Ovens len at
Sat Oct 8 21:31:40 UTC 2011

Downloaded the new iso.. 20111007 installed it to whole disk and selected
all packages to install. Install went ok.

However, ardour2 does not start as it can not start jack or detect one
already running. qjackctl comes up as a blank window. Running jackd by
hand seems to result in core dump. This was not a problem with the old

That seems to be the only new problem... other problems or questions below:

- The install asks if I want encrypted home directory, defaults to no, but
does not explain to the new user that encryption takes up time and cpu
that could be used for audio processing/streaming.

- There seems to be a copy of Thunar running at login. I assume this is to
put icons on the desktop. If that is all it does, I don't really need it
using up memory space. It may provide some actions for mouse clicks too
and the icons on the desktop may be expected by some users... not sure of
the value.

- File system, I haven't researched this, but, I am thinking the default
file system should be fast writing without using too much cpu and yet
stable ;-) With todays machines, cpu use may be the bigger concern. I am
not sure what the best is, but even if I had done the research... I am not
given any choice at install. EXT4 is chosen for me.

- The installer is asked to accept the M$ licensing to install the fonts.
Might be an idea to include something that explains why... I'm assuming
its for wine... So the explanation should include what wine is.

- ardour is the latest 1.2 version, but is what I got.

- lightdm is still missing a link to an image that actually exists.

- Thunar (and perhaps other apps...) open two right on top of each other.
I mention Thunar as I was going to copy a file from one to the other.
Having not to move one to see the other improves work flow. I am not sure
if this is a property of Thunar or xfce.

- Musicians are likely at some point to have a client or friends ask them
to check out something on youtube. Firefox doesn't come prepared to do
this... no flash maybe? Firefox tells me it can't diplay things but when I
ask it to look for plugins, I am just told it can't find anything. If we
load M$ fonts, I am sure flash can be loaded too.

I am not sure what parts of this are because of XUBUTU not yet being
tweeked for U-Studio or what. I am not an artist so coming up with a new
background image is not something I could do. I suspect a new one makes it
so the user knows they have something new right away. I don't know which
images in the background directory are new or old.

Len Ovens

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