Install CD/DVD Image from wednesday.

Len Ovens len at
Tue Oct 4 22:56:13 UTC 2011

Downloaded and installed, no problems except video turns off while
booting, but that is not new just my video card does not have the right
driver loaded. Comes back when X starts. Comments:

- no office? An option to at least download the standard office suite as
part of the "Office" menu options would be nice.

- None of the browsers seem to understand sftp. The old file manager did.
It is great for doing backup kinds of things. Nautilus just did that real
easy, but as soon as it was started it never went away... not good for
sound. I thought I had Thunar doing it too. But not here.

- Firefox comes with bookmarks to ubuntu... why not ubuntu studio?

anyway, small stuff. More important, as a media tool though, is that if I
select settings-> linux audio configuration.. I get:
"JACK can only be configured with a loaded and stopped studio. Please
create a new studio or load and stop an existing one."

Ok look for create studio button... can't find that... hmm, says "Jack"
try starting Jack with QjackCTL. Great.. says Studio created. Stop Jack...
Hmm Studio removed. I have no idea what a studio is (in this case), nor
how to create one or what program to use. The Linux Audio Configuration
should first check to see if such a thing exists before running and if it
is not there, either pop up a box explaining how to create a studio for
Jack... or better yet start the application that does so. Nobody wants
questions on "how do I create a studio?" to answer over and over.

The bright green login screen is a bit much... windows blue would be less
of an eyesore. The session is ok though.

Loading the software. Seems ok. I had a kernel panic the first try, but
that was after I just installed another drive to try this out on.. could
have been a hardware warming up thing. The second time it went straight
through no problem... select use whole disk and install everything.

Oh yeah, since I mentioned it before... ardour 3 loads and works fine
(alpha 10)

I will try to fix the things listed... and pass them on should I actually
figure it out ;-)

Len Ovens

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