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Luke Kuhn lukekuhn at hotmail.com
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With all the menu stuff going on and admin applications not even showing up in main Ubuntu or gnome menus, I have gotten into the habit of launching things like synaptic directly from terminal with sudo. A gui launch errors out silently for things like a typo in the password, while sudo in terminal will prompt you again. Good passwords have the disadvantage of generating typos.As for upgrades, my experience is that it is best not to let the next alpha after a release get more than a few days ahead before switching repos, doing the job directly in synaptic. This applies of course to my practice of treating Ubuntu as a permanent unstable.

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On Thu, November 24, 2011 10:10 am, Luke Kuhn wrote:
> I haven't seen any sudo bugs yet, but on single-user
> systems it is common to use the same sudo and root password.

Sorry for the confusion. sudo is fine and works as expected. The software
that does the same thing for gui software called policy kit (pkexec seems
to be the bit that puts the dialogue up) is right now set up to look for
the group admin for that user... but the install user is not in that
group. Anyway, it looks like the way these things are done is changing.

Len Ovens

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