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Luke Kuhn lukekuhn at hotmail.com
Thu Nov 24 18:10:50 UTC 2011

What is the effect of this going to be on upgrades? I generally treat Ubuntu and its derivates as an unstable distro, keeping repos on the current alpha and known good snapshots on backup partitions. My last scatch-install was a laborious rebuild of my personal OS using Oneiric to switch to 64 bit, followed by immediate update to  Precise, then just a couple weeks old. I haven't seen any sudo bugs yet, but on single-user systems it is common to use the same sudo and root password. After all, any damage that an online attacker can do using one of them can be done using the other, and with only one there are half as many chances of finding it by a brute-force attack.

> In precise, we are actually moving away from the admin group, so various bits and pieces still need to be changed so they don't use the admin group, the preseed file included.
> Luke

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