Removing Pulseaudio, and overweight DE's affects on performance

Milan Nikolic gen2brain at
Wed Nov 16 12:21:48 UTC 2011

No objection of course, it will be great if you can manage that ;) License
will not be a problem, although I am not sure what else is needed for
proper debian package. If I can help in some way please let me know.

I didn't work for some time on volti but I planed to release a new version
in a couple of weeks (hopefully). I wanted to remove hal backend  and add
support for official pyalsa python bindings (from Does
debian/ubuntu have this in repos? pyalsaaudio will still be supported but
pyalsa will be preffered if it is found.


On Wed, Nov 16, 2011 at 11:57 AM, Marc R.J. Brevoort <mrjb at>wrote:

> Hi Scott,
>  you can make a "request for packaging" (RFP) in debian:
>>**wnpp/ <>
>> if it doesn't have inappropriate licensing or other issue it will get
>> into debian and then into ubuntu.
> Do I need to be the owner of the package for that? Although I did
> contribute to Volti in the past, I'm not the original author.
> I've copied him in on this message.
> Milan, any objections/comments? We're talking about Volti as a possible
> alternative to the volume applet in UbuntuStudio.
> Best,
> Marc
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