Len Ovens len at
Mon Nov 7 15:05:15 UTC 2011

> But as you mentioned before, some basics should be all right OOTB, e.g.
>> The text colour and the background colour of a lot of text boxes end
>> up being the same... unreadable.
> It's often the same for scrollbars, when distros ship with dark themes.
> I also wonder why it became common to ship with the double-click
> setting, instead of the old faithful Linux single-click setting.

I originally found double click a pain... As the quality of the mouses I
could get has gone down it has actually been a bonus. I have had a number
of mice where the right click puts out lots of clicks even for one. single
right click high lights and then I can use the menus to deal with it. Not
a good excuse really... but the double click is (sort of) standard and
easy for M$ users to understand.

What I haven't seen/read in any of the theme conversation is that really
there are two (maybe more) themes that need to be dealt with... and they
interact. If you go to settings->settings manager on the main menu
(Xubuntu/ubuntustudio 11.10) you will see Appearances and window manager.
Both of these have themes... they both affect different parts of the
desktop..and they interact.

Right now, as i mentioned, I am using an appearance of xfce-stellar and
the window manager theme Biz. Now Biz effects the icons in the window
decoration, but xfce-stellar sets the colour of that same bar. I like the
Biz window manager theme because the icons are really obvious and the text
areas seem good high contrast easy to use.

> Before I care about a flashy theme, I car about usability.
> +2 Ralf

I guess that was my point. Reading the IRC logs it seems that most people
agree that the themes should just get out of the way visually and let
people work.


Len Ovens

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