Len Ovens len at
Mon Nov 7 02:11:12 UTC 2011

Scott was saying IRC:
"scott-upstairs	i am partial to the greybird theme, i find it very
easthically pleasing in it's elegance and simplicity	23:14
scott-upstairs	practically perfect for what i think ubuntu studio should
use	23:14
scott-upstairs	now, if we could manage some art work that reflects this
state	23:15
scott-upstairs	a grey scale ubuntu studio cof might be nice"

Ok... no problem but, in my messing around with themes I tried the dark
phasex theme (comes with phasex) which was nice and ended me up with a
live window decoration of bright green (everything else dark... not sure I
like the purple). I liked that as I use focus follows mouse and I like to
know where my typing will end up... greybird has active and non-active
window decorations almost the same I am constantly wondering which window
has focus.... not good for work flow.

Point two. Text box contrast. Phasex fails this completely. The text
colour and the background colour of a lot of text boxes end up being the
same... unreadable.

I tried on my Xubutu 11.10 netbook the window manager theme of Biz to give
good clear text, and appearance theme of xfce-stellar which gives a nice
contrasting window decoration for focus.. not being interested in pretty
when it interferes with use or work. The rest is pretty neutral though
darker would be just fine by me. In the end it doesn't matter to me as I
am not a new user (linux since 93 or so... Yggdrasil live CD, yeah they
had those back then, but it was more of a challenge to get them to run) I
will set my desk how I want anyway. However, just thinking about the new

Biz may work well with other themes too.


Len Ovens

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