PulseAudio and Ubuntu Studio 11.10

Marc R.J. Brevoort mrjb at dnd.utwente.nl
Sat May 21 07:38:48 UTC 2011

On Fri, 20 May 2011, Filipe Lopes wrote:

> There's only a catch - when a user stops jack, it has to manually restart
> pulseaudio to make it work again.

If only there were only one catch. For one, this also 
happens when jack just crashes, which under too heavy loads it very well 
may. Second, whenever I'm running JACK, audio in some other applications
will stop working (web browser for example). In all fairness, in most
cases it's a workable solution- but not a pretty one.

If we take a step back from the technical issues and get a bit more
into the user experience, the ideal situation would be one where
audio always works and which allows audio to be streamed *from* any 
application *to* any application.

So far I haven't seen this ideal situation- then again, I may be 
running slightly behind the facts as my last upgrade is over a year 
ago now.


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