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Thu May 19 22:52:36 UTC 2011

I just looked at this icon set, I don't really like the conversion to squared icons of the iPhone type myself. If anyone wants to keep the old icons, they will need to find a way to re-name the icon theme. Simply renaming the folder in /us/share/icons never worked in my prior experiments, presumably due to theme index issues.
Although I have never built my customized UI into debs as of yet, I wonder if I should learn to do so and eventually create a PPA somewhere for the UI I have developed during the Natty cycle, under a new name or something. It is the existing Ubuntustudio theme with some blue elements changed to a turquise(that could be reverted for a PPA), the existing Ubuntustudio icons, GNOME3 with compiz/unity(unity will be ported to GTK3 this cycle, simplifying matters here) and the cube, and cairo-dock with the original ubuntustudio menu on the left and a row of launchers for media apps. I am keeping this interface, with a little creative theme renaming(Ubuntustudio-legacy?) it could be installed right alongside the upcoming Ubuntustudio UI from a PPA, rather in the manner of installing GNOME3 in Natty but far simpler.  
A possible advantage of XCFE will appear in older, Pentium 4 class machines doing media work: Avoiding the increased resource use of the newer GNOME interfaces, a problem I find ironic given that the whole UI state of flux seems to stem from the lightweight proprietary OS that had to be developed for the iPhone, a very low powered device. This could help with latency issues. Back in 2008, I ran the Ubuntustudio theme with XFCE on a Pentium 3 for audio, and had just one problem: minimized windows disappeared entirely. I might have kept that on bigger machines had it not been for that.

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