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Jorge G. Mare jorge.g.mare at
Mon May 9 19:32:41 UTC 2011


On Mon, May 9, 2011 at 11:30 AM, Scott Lavender
<scottalavender at> wrote:
> There has been some very general talk about integrating some social media
> into the new website, but it has been very short on specifics.

Here are some specifics that I had in mind:

* Automagically share new website content (i.e., news, blogs, perhaps
even wiki pages) on US FB/Twitter/etc. account(s), so that it is easy
for anyone to follow website activity through their social networking
service of choice.

* Make it easy for people to share website content nodes (pages,
blogs, doc pages, etc.) on their FB/Twitter/etc. accounts. This is
good for general awareness and can potentially help reach out to the
target audience beyond the existing US-specific ecosystem.

* Allow people to create website account, login and comment on the US
website using their social network service account (i.e., FB, Twitter,
etc.) to lower the participation barrier.

Luis, I would like to hear from you what specific recommendations you
would have for a project like US, and how we could benefit from it.



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