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Can this (newest build, below) please be made available in the repository
for Ubuntu Studio 10.04 & 11.04 ?

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New release:

This release contains a lot of different small changes accumulated since the
last release. This one took a bit too long...

I have made some internal changes to how the help text translation is
handled, each paragraph is now translated separately to make it easier to
add/remove help text without breaking the whole page. I converted the old
translations to this new scheme using a script. I have tried to double-check
that there is no untranslated entries in the help text for these languages
but if someone can double-check, that would be nice.

Changes and new features:

* The "fallback format" setting in the preferences now also includes Channel
count and Samplerate.

If a file's real format is not supported for playing, first the program will
try converting the sample format (type,sign,endian) to the fallback format,
if that fails it will also try converting sample rate, and lastly also
convert the channel count.

If the fallback format is correctly set up, you should now be able to play
any sound file you can open and never get the "format not supported" error.
The default is the standard CD quality format (44.1 KHz 16-bit stereo)

* New keyboard shortcuts (Home, End, Tab, Ctrl+Tab)

* Home,End,Left,Right now also move playback when playing and view follows
playback is activated

* Updated the jack driver to use the jack_client_open call to avoid
deprecation warnings. Also make errors silent during auto-detection.

* Duplicate entries are now removed from the pipe dialog command dropdown

* Fixed assertion failure in the convert sample size dialog if the current
sample rate was entered.

* For Ladspa effects, changing an input value using the text box next to the
slider and tabbing away now updates the slider properly.

* The file window is now focused while the effect is being performed.

* Cropping during playback bug fix.

* Bug fix for wav loading on x86_64

* Some build fixes

* Andrea Primiani sent an updated Italian translation

* Robert Wojewódzki contributed a Polish translation

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