Preparing a presentation for my LUG

Andrew Euell andrew at
Mon Mar 14 20:35:47 UTC 2011

So I am preparing a presentation on the state Linux audio (and the
wider open source audio community)  for my LUG and looking for people
willing to be interviewed. I would like to hear from developers from
both the kernel and user space sides, power users, hobbyists,
musicians, anyone who has dealt with Linux in some kind of audio
capacity. Anyone who wants to be interviewed please contact me off
list or send andyzweb a msg on Freenode.

For developers:
What are the difficulties of packaging and distributing realtime and
low-latency kernels?
What technical conflicts are there, if any, between Ubuntu vanilla and
Ubuntu Studio?
What are ALSA's strengths and weaknesses from the kernel perspective?
What are ALSA's strengths and weaknesses from the User land perspective?
What are your experiences with the higher level audio interfaces
(pulseaudio, JACK, portaudio, etc)?
Which parts of the Linux audio stack need particular attention from

For users:
Did you begin as a Linux user or as an audio/music/sound person?
Is Linux at the "center" of your set-up or towards the periphery?
What hacks and tweaks have allowed you to get more out of your Linux setup?

Andrew Euell
andrew at

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