Some apps for Oneiric

Сергей shnatsel at
Mon Jun 27 18:15:29 UTC 2011

Hello everyone,

I have some artistic apps which I'd like to contribute to Ubuntu
Studio. I used to maintain a custom artistic Ubuntu spin but I think
it's better to merge than to fork in this area.

I've packaged GIMP Paint Studio (and shipped it by default in my
Ubuntu remix):
GIMP-Painter patch is a great addition to it:
These two things were extensively used in making the Sintel
open-source movie, along with MyPaint which is already present in
Ubuntu repositories.

I've also packaged OpenRaster plugin for GIMP for interoperability
with MyPaint and OpenRaster thumbnailers for GNOME and XFCE, also to
accompany MyPaint:

I think these apps will be useful for Ubuntu Studio. All those
packages are tested and debugged pretty well, I've even shipped
everything except thumbnailers in my Ubuntu remix by default (and
fixed some integration bugs along the way), but abandoned that remix
and now work on elementary OS.

Also, according to, you're
going to use a clean desktop without any icons. We did the same thing
in elementary OS Jupiter and faced some issues with using classic file
managers for that; we ended up making a custom service to draw desktop
wallpaper -
Unlike all other solutions known to us, it's rendered in Cairo and
therefore provides extremely smooth transitions, even on old hardware.
It also uses dconf/GSettings to store configuration so it responds to
wallpaper changes very quickly too. It might be useful for you as

Sergey "Shnatsel" Davidoff
elementary OS integrator

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