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Ralf Mardorf ralf.mardorf at alice-dsl.net
Sat Jun 11 08:01:40 UTC 2011

On Sat, 2011-06-11 at 00:54 +0000, Luke Kuhn wrote:
> If this situation develops and key apps don't get ported to GTK3, that will force someone, presumably a serious user of these apps, to maintain the old libraries in a PPA along with those  apps. Until I figured out how to get Audacious to play .wav files, I had to keep GTK 1.2 around so I could run an old version of XMMS that went unsupported after Gutsy. Ran it most of the way though Natty!  
> If everyone had to do this for, say, audacity, audacious, etc etc etc it would simply force the availablity of these libraries, possibly though in a hodgepodge of multiple PPA's. If that ever happnes, people will have to go out of their way to either avoid versioned dependency on their version of GTK2, or will have to resort static compilation. 
> Under this scenario, GTK 2 apps would be treated like Blender and  Cinelerra, which simply have their own GUI interfaces.
> Hopefully, this will instead work like what happened with kdenlive, one of my key apps. In KDE3.5 it worked but was seriously buggy. KDE4 forced a proper rewrite, leading to a far better program, and nobody that I know of ever looked back. Took about a year after KDE4 came out, though, for that sort of thing to stabilize.
> Maybe we need to consider the 12.04 LTS the target for getting this porting right, with developers expected to start the work for 11.10 but accept that in some cases it might be 12.04?
> Still, Anything really important that is unmaintained or which does not cleanly port to GTK3 for some reason probably will end up having to be compiled with GTK2 staticly included.


The author is mistaken. Packagers being payed or not aren't always
incompetent, at least all/most multimedia packagers are competent.
But IMO things really get screwed up, full ACK with the author's claim.

The Linux community for servers and averaged desktop usage departs from
the multimedia community. OTOH the vanilla kernel became a RT kernel.

We now should monitor the progress and protest if needed and it
currently seems to be needed.

I would call myself a noob, OTOH I guess no Linux audio user is a noob,
since we all have to do some tweak. It's a pity that it nearly seems to
be impossible for multimedia users simply to use distros OOTB.

I guess a lot of the averaged desktop users never have heard about shell
scripts, while every audio user at least is able to write simple shell
scripts. Artist very often are gifted for this programing stuff, but
they don't wish to do such stuff, because they decide to live as artist
and not as coders. Booking and other annoying stuff already is a PITA,
so tweak a Linux, writing scripts, switching the DE is the very last a
musician which to do.

When I have a look around non of my friends is using Linux. I'm the only
one. FWIW a friend through his Mac out of the window and now others and
me constantly have to do Microsoft support for him. I balk to do it by
now, not only because I don't like this company, but also because I
don't have knowledge about Windows. Anyway, it seems nearly impossible
to convince people to switch to Linux. They tested Linux and fear it.



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