usb audio interfaces

Len Ovens len at
Sat Dec 24 00:21:28 UTC 2011

Just took a look at some usb interface stuff I could find. the key words
to look for seem to be "works without extra drivers"(in windows). m-audio
has been bought out since I had anything to do with them and Avid won't
release linux anything till people stop buying them and ALSA devs Stop
making drivers for them.... usb 1 and 1.1 devices seem to be on the "just
works" list... usb 2 is something else. So using the netbook/laptop for
2in/outs to 4 in/out seems ok. Using it to do something more ambitious ...
maybe by then a laptop is less than useful, but then with all the other
gear needed size is less of an issue. For laptop use I would think a
stereo pair with one or two spot mics should cover a "lite" application.
For hotel room/bus stuff one input is probably enough... internal sound
chip is probably enough, but preamp would be nice. Anyway, not that it
matters, Alsa ships with what support there is, not much US can do to
change that.

seems to have a list to look at.

Len Ovens

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